Dropshipping with Aliexpress on eBay, niche - magnetotherapy

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    Aug 1, 2017
    Our task is to find a little competitive offer for drop shipping on eBay.

    p.s. if you want to see it in action, you can watch the same example on video

    Lets take for example the subject matter of medicine, a niche for magnetoteropia.
    First of all we need to find exact trending product in US. We can make it by seraching ourselfs or we can make a simple search request in special service and search for keyword "magnetotherapy care", sort by US.

    1. What we see?

    2. Let's look at sales statistics

    3. We look at the statistics by countries

    4. We see the dynamics of sales

    Now lets go to Aliexpress and analyze found product

    What we see?

    The seller sends the goods by the delivery service ePacket with the tracking number.
    The total price of the product will be $6.65 including shipping.

    Now our task is to find this product on eBay.
    Enter a query on ebay in the search box "Mens Health Care Magnetotherapy".
    We found this product http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Health...Underwear-Plus-Size-Modal-Boxer-/262961376396


    Let's analyze this lot.
    We see that there are 22 sales, 15 observers.
    Sell price is 10.95$

    Let's analyze sales:

    We see that the seller is monitoring prices, and now set his price between $9.85 and $11.99

    The average profit from sales is $3 from the sale, including eBay fee.

    This is simple example - how is simple to dropship!
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    May 10, 2018
    Dropshipping with Aliexpress allows your store to obtain 10 times more profit from your investment. Because it offers "unique" products at such a low price compared to other online stores. And he also said that if you contact the seller on Aliexpress and tell them that you are a dropshipper and do a dropshipping business, they will offer you more discounts!

    1. Maintain a good e-commerce store(shopify) with selecting niche products.
    2. Choose e-packet free shipping
    3. Advertise your store on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    4. Get the orders from customers on your store.
    5. Process the orders on aliexpress by contacting the supplier
    6. Make profits buying at a low cost from the supplier.

    You can earn more profits using one of the popular Aliexpress Dropshipping applications, where you can place unlimited orders.

    Give a try to our shopify app Dropshipmate where you can dropship not only from Aliexpress but also from various supplier sites like Aliexpress, ebay, amazon, Alibaba, walmart, bonanza, overstock, target, wish, dhgate, banggood, tmart, lightinthebox, miniinthebox, sammydress, dealsextreme, gearbest etc..

    Guide on AliExpress Dropshipping: https://www.withintheflow.com/how-to-dropship-from-aliexpress/
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